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"Photo4Charity" is a project of I LUV COTTON CANDY FOUNDATION in cooperation with SARVIC Studios to help the community.  I Luv Cotton Candy Foundation is a 501 c-3 charitable company.


  1. We created a special program where we provide a high end magazine style portraits (besides our regular portrait & event photo/video services) at super low prices that anyone can afford. Even from prints from your existing albums.
  2. If you are a SCHOOL or a CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION, we can assist in your fundraising events and give back up to 20% of the proceeds to your cause. Must qualify
  3. We hire & train amateur photographers/graphic artists to help them get started in their career. We also train interested & talented people in our community. We always have room for volunteers!
  4. I Luv Cotton Candy Foundation sets aside funds (from this special program) to help feed the needy & homeless in our community.

Las Vegas & MainOver 500 Homeless People gathered to enjoy the meal our group had prepared. We encourage more organizations to get involved on a regular basis.