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SARVIC Studios Photography & Videography is NOT EXPENSIVE. Our Quality Work just looks that way!                                                         

Update your Headshots & Company Photos!

​Gift Certificates Available for Family, Friends, & Clients

Using our services, is a way of giving back to the community.


A.    $500. Up to 3.5 Hours session. Good for Individual/Group portraits & Events. Receive digital images of the shoot (royalty free)  in a Photo CD.

B.    $1000. Up to 8 Hours session. Receive digital Images of the shoot in a Photo CD. Great for social or business events indoor or outdoor.

C.    Optional $60/Hour Photo Post Process - extra Retouching ( skin, eyes, hair & minor sculpting ). Also, applies to other photography styles.

***PHOTO BOOTH SERVICE.  $500 up to 4 hours with Digital online sharing. PLEASE CALL for Details & Options.

D.    Real Estate/Home Photos $100 Up to 30 Retouched "Royalty Free" digital photos of your listing. Time limit - 45 minutes shoot time. We will take HDR (High Dynamic Range) shots for extreme light dynamic range or use artificial lighting if necessary.  Includes exposure, color, lens corrections. Just prepare your property for the shoot! Call for Options. WE DO WHAT IT TAKES TO GIVE EXCEPTIONAL PHOTOS! 

       1. Up to 30 Digital Pictures of your home. 

       2. You get $20 credit for every referral you give us.

               ( I am a retired RE Broker of 29 years in LV and used to advertise my listings in Homes Magazines & other media! I know what you need. )



A.       $700. Up to 3.5 Hours session. Receive up to 60 Minutes DVD of raw footage. Optional $500.00 of custom video post processing - up to 20     minute video in a personalized sleeve and DVD. Call for Personalized Package.             



Individual or Additional Prints:  Plus Tax (in NV) and shipping.

A.    4x6/4x5 - $1.95   B.    5x7/5x6.25 - $6.95    C.    8x10 - $9.95   (from a professional color lab)  D.  11x14 - $19.95    E.    13x19 - $29.95    F.    16x20 - $39.95    G.   20x30 - $49.95

H.    Larger or irregular sizes, please call for prices.

Digital Negatives: (Includes release of Royalty for personal use. Add $1/frame for watermarking)

A.    Single - $20    B.    2-5 - $15 each    C.    6-10 - $10 each    D.   11-20 - $8 each    E.    21-40 - $5 each    F.    41-100 - $3 each

G.   $500. Receive all images on a CD that you can print from. This can be purchased as an add on. This way, you have access to all your photos forever!

Print Packages:

Let us know what combination of print sizes you need and save by ordering a package.   


Individual: $100+ Make-up. Make- Up & Hairstyling $200+

Group: Negotiable  

Nails: $50 and up. Please Call. Also available "Glitter Fake Nails" or BLING.                                    

Special PHOTO/VIDEO Packages

May apply to Weddings, Anniversaries, Baptisms, Birthdays etc.


Package 1$1500. Unlimited coverage. Receive 1 CD of the day’s event  coverage.

Package 2.  $2000. Unlimited coverage and 1 proof album. In addition receive a custom designed album complete with 20 10x10 multiple image pages. Total of 75 images. And a CD of the day’s coverage.

Package 3.  $2500. Unlimited coverage and a proof album. In addition, receive a 8 x 10 coffee table photo book with 24 pages. Total of 100 images. Plus 2 – 5x7 24 pages parent album. Plus one 11x14 retouched print ready for framing. Plus a CD of the day’s coverage.

Package 4.  $700. Engagement photo shoot. 3 hours of our talent. A CD of the coverage. AN 8X8 - 20 page photo book that you can use as a guest register in your wedding reception.

Package 5.  $5000 & Up.   Please call for details.

Package 6.  VIDEO & PHOTO PACKAGE - Let's talk about it!




PREMIUM.   Our premium photo books collections are hand made in Italy. Options include coated metallic or pearl paper, nappa leather-metal-silk-clear covers and more. All prices are subject to change. Please add US$20-45 shipping. The minimum basic are as follows;

1.  6"x8"-6"x6" or 8"x6" hardcover/dust jacket with 10 pages                               US$200           additional $12 per 2 pages

2.  8"x12"-6"x6" or 12"x8" hardcover/dust jacket with 10 pages                            US$250           additional $14 per 2 pages

2.  9.5"x13"-9.5"x9.5" or 13'x9.5" hardcover/dust jacket w/10 pages                    US$300           additional $18 per 2 pages

3.  12"x16"-12"x12" or 16"x12" hardcover/dust jacket w/10 pages                       US$400            additional $24 per 2 pages

4.  14"x18"-14"x14" or 18"x14" hardcover/dust jacketr w/10 pages                       US$450            additional $28 per 2 pages

5.  16"x20"-16"x16" or 20"x16" hardcover/dust jacket w/10 pages                       US$500            additional $30 per 2 pages


Ask us about upgrades on the LEGACY albums or photo books.

Using our services, is a way of giving back to the community.