When we work with schools, it is traditionally to help raise money for their cause. But we work also as contracted artists! Schools invite us to cover certain events like dances, proms, sporting events etc.. Similar to an organization, we perform services to promote awareness and fundraising. The fees we charge are just enough to cover our expenses-the goal is to raise money for the cause! And we enjoy helping out.

SARVIC Studios prides itself for not doing an average work or service. Everything we do is above average & high quality! Our clients admire and appreciate our high standard. Thank you for recognizing our efforts!

We are known for creating Magazine Cover Style photos. Either portraits or event photos. All pictures are processed for optimal quality. So, that is what you will get!

PACKAGE A     $10 + handling 

  • Name of the Event or Organization as the Title (Western Charity, Lions Club, Walk for Wishes etc.)
  • 1-Digital Magazine Style Design of your favorite photo (from your phone, camera or print). You email the photo to us, we create it and send it back to you. 

            Celebrant Name                           School Name                        "Designed iPhone Photo"           "Designed Favorite Photo"                  


PACKAGE B     $20 + handling

  • 1-8x10 or similar size print 
  • You personalize the Title. Event name, Your name etc. (ROTARY Club, Top Executive, Vogue, Fashion, MARGARET etc.)
  • 2 Line Captions. Limit to 5 words ( 1.New President of Las Vegas 2. Daniel Steele | 1. Stella McGovern 2. Years of Hard Work Pays Off!)

         Name Behind Subject                 Event Behind Subject           iPhone Photo Magazine Design         Fav Photo Magazine Style


  • Optimized Digital Photo in a Photo CD $19.95 w/release of royalty.
  • Additional Prints - Printed with a Professional 8 color printer and archival photo paper.

          A.    4x6/4x5 - $1.95   B.    5x7/5x6.25 - $6.95    C.    8x10 - $9.95   (from a professional color lab)  D.  11x14 - $19.95    

          E.    13x19 - $29.95    F.    16x20 - $39.95    G.   20x30 - $49.95


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